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We have published more than 30 titles, mostly reprints, on the history of the city of Cincinnati. The chart below is a list of the most popular titles.


Cincinnati BreweriesCincinnati Breweries. Robert J. Wimberg.
Published by Ohio Book Store -1989,1997.
A history of 138 breweries, illustrated with over 200 b/w photos, along with biographies of the brewers. 164 pages, spiral-bound.
Under Attack
Cincinnati and the Civil War: Under Attack. Robert J. Wimberg
Published by Ohio Book Store -1992.
Covers the year 1862, the most active year in the city as they prepared
for possible raids from the south.  b/w illustrations, Paper covers
Off to BattleCincinnati and the Civil War: Off to Battle. Robert J. Wimberg
Published by Ohio Book Store-1992
Covers the year 1861. Details of the lives of the people of Cincinnati and their Apprehension as the war loomed and became reality.  B/w illustrations, Paper covers
Over the RhineCincinnati: Over the Rhine. Robert J. Wimberg
Published by Ohio Book Store 1997, 1998.
An illustrated historical guide to the 19th century buildings and their residents.
b/w photos, paper covers.
AchievementAchievement: Cincinnati's Western Hills. (1932)
A reprint of a hard to find title. Filled with photos of the homes and business of the town. Spiral bound b/w photos.

Cincinnati Streetcars Nos. 1-10
A series of 10 volumes written by Richard Wagner and Roy Wright,all available now in reprint for the first time in many years. From its beginning in 1859 to the abandonment of steel cars in 1951. This series is a history of mass transit in Cincinnati filled with many b/w photos.

Streetcars series
Available individually or as a boxed set (includes a custom-made archival clamshell case with gilt lettering on the spine)

Cincinnati StreetcarsStreetcars series in box

Individual Titles in the Series

Boxed set $200.00
  • # 1 - Horsecars
  • # 2 - Inclines
  • # 3 - Cable Cars: 7 Early Electrics
  • # 4 - Millcreek Valley Lines
  • # 5 - 1895-1911
  • # 6 - 1912-1922
  • # 7 - Progress & Prosperity and a Subway Sampler
  • # 8 - Through the Thirties
  • # 9 - Streamliners and Warhorses
  • #10 - To the end of the Track


Night Life on Vine
Pioneers of Night Life on Vine. Frank Grayson
Stories of beer gardens, concert halls,theaters and local character who frequented these establishments. Most of this took place from the mid 1850's up to 1920.
Spiral bound reprint
Police Guide of 1901Police and Municipal Guide, Cincinnati. (1901)
This a guide listing the 1901 police officersin Cincinnati, and includes photographss and short biographies of the officers. The volume is filled with nice advertising from the local companies of the day.